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Business Name: CDS Method Green Decontamination
Contact Name: Julia Senesac
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Phone: (970) 484-6723
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Additional Details: Electro-Biocide is so safe you could let your child eat a freshly sprayed apple yet, 99.9999% effective against COVID-19 and many other pathogens. Decontaminate your space for pennies a square foot. Non-toxic, EPA rated IV. Electrostatic application ensures complete coverage. Mist/spray application will "wrap" the room. Food safe. Hospital grade clean. Biodegradable. This product has been in use in the food industry for 10 years. It is as inert as tap water and yet log 6 kill effective. We decontaminate your space as well as offer leave behind product for ongoing use. As a distributor of Electro-Biocide our pricing is the most competitive available. Call us for a quote.

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