Best Darn Mask

Business Name: Best Darn Mask
Contact Name: Pete Gazlay
Website: (opens in a new tab)
Phone: (970) 800-3801
Cloth Masks
Face Covering

Additional Details: The Best Darn Mask is made in the USA out of cotton twill coated with a carbon nano particle called Polypyrrole (poly-pie-roll) or PPy. PPy has been used for years as a smart textile that conducts electricity. The inventor of our mask has used PPy as the heating element to warm operating beds in surgical rooms. The best part of PPy material is its inherent ability to be anti-microbial. PPy has proven to be effective against bacteria such as E-Coli and Staphylococcus Aurelia and viruses like influenza. The mask protects the wearer from microbes hitting it from someone who coughs or sneezes. It protects others from the wearer if they are sick since the PPY is on both sides and infused throughout. This mask fits snug. It is not a filter. It kills the microbes! The PPy makes the mask self-disinfecting and can be washed if it gets soiled. That means when you touch it to adjust it the mask self-cleans. With any other mask if you touch it you contaminate it! It has been tested as effective after 75 washings. Check out our website. If it conducts Ohms, it still kills microbes.

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