Beau & Belle Littles

Business Name: Beau & Belle Littles
Contact Name: Paul Baron
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Phone: (970) 400-1150
Cloth Masks
Hand Sanitizer

Additional Details: Beau & Belle Littles is a small family owned and run business that was started in mid 2015 by Rachelle and Paul Baron. Beauregard, our son, is the inspiration for our business. When Beau was about 6 months old we were given our first reusable swim diaper, which was made by one of the biggest national brands in baby swim wear. At the time we didn't even really know that reusable swim diapers existed, but being frugally-minded people we decided to give it a go. Rachelle hated it. HATED it. It was supposedly 6-12 month sized but it was SUPER tight around his little legs and we didn't like how if he did end up pooping in it we'd have to pull it off like underwear, thus pulling the poop all down his legs. Because of this we were basically forced to use disposable diapers, which neither of us really liked. Beau loves water, if that kid could live in a pool or a bath, he would. Because he likes water so much we were blowing through disposable swim diaper and we got really, really tired of wasting money. Some times we wouldn't really even use it that much, but because it got a little wet, we'd have to throw it away. So we decided to keep looking for reusable options. In our search we really didn't find any in the marketplace that we thought were good enough. The ones that were out there were like the one we were given, or variations on that and we didn't want to go there. We thought it would make much more sense to have a one-size-fits-all type swimming diaper rather than the single-sized ones like that one we were given. Furthermore, we wanted it to be both cute and functional. Nothing like that really existed at the time so we decided to investigate making some ourselves. One thing led to another and it went from just having a few cute swim diapers for Beau and his little friends to eventually manufacturing and selling reusable swim diapers. In July of 2015 we launched our very first product on Amazon the Nageuret Swim Diaper. The word Nageuret (pronounced nah-jour-ay) is French and roughly means small/little swimmer. We were absolutely blown away by the reception of our swim diapers, people LOVED them just as much as we did, and they started selling really, really well in a very short amount of time. Our goal is to make the absolute best reusable baby products on the market. We have had absolutely amazing feedback from mommies (and daddies) all over the country that absolutely love our swim diapers. Because of this success, we are in the middle of expanding our product line to include different lines of baby and toddler swim and swim-related products. Reusable Cloth Face Masks Since we are reading the writing on the wall and the CDC has released recommendations for kids over 2 to wear face masks when in public we have begin manufacturing baby, toddler, child and adult reusable cloth face masks with adjustable ear loops, aluminum nose pieces, inside pockets for PM2.5 filters constructed with a cotton jersey outer layer and a cotton knit inner layer and elastic.

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