Fort Collins Food Co-operative

Details of request:

  • Need(s): Cleaning Supplies
  • Deadline: 2020-05-31
  • Details: At great expense to our business we have been purchasing 95% grain alcohol (everclear) since March 12th for our co-operative grocery store. We have found NO help in doing this besides some of our hero member-owners who have called around to local liquor stores and purchased bottles for us. We're looking for a sustainable supply of grain alcohol (high alcohol percentage) so we can continue to keep our grocery store clean and sanitized for our staff and our customers. We've reached out to multiple distilleries with no luck. Alcohol kills this virus in 10-30 seconds as opposed to bleach or hydrogen peroxide which takes 10+ minutes. Any leads anyone has on purchasing larger quantities of grain alcohol or the like so we can stop spending $500+ a month would be FANTASTIC. Thanks for your help.
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